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Past vs Future – A Perspective on Actions

I have a habit of looking at past mistakes, dwelling on them, and sometimes defining myself by my past. I look back and see the wrong actions I’ve taken, the wrong choices and I can feel the fear grasp for me from the past.

Do we need to be trapped and defined by the past? It’s easy to think that we don’t. It’s easy to think of things but not do anything about it, yet it’s action that changes us. Taking actions to break away from the past is hard. The fear of failure or making significant wrong choices feels as if it’s just over my shoulder.

We have the power to create a different future, with some introspection and looking back, not dwelling but learning. We can shape our path around our personal vision.

Failure happens to us all. It happens big and small, yet we must fight being haunted by it. When the past comes back into my mind, I think I’m not enough. I have to pause and see what I’ve done and what I can do, then I rediscover that I am enough and more.

I’m working to see my potential future by trying to figure out who I want to be and how I want my life to look. Doing this, right now, will do more to shape my future than dwelling on the past.


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