• Consumer decisions reflect who we are and what we value in our lives.

    Purchases Reflect Who We Are

    We are always making consumer decisions: where to go on vacations (when we’re lucky enough to get a vacation), what smartphone to by (do we really need them?), what kind of clothes do I need or want and where should I get them. The list can be never-ending. Consumer-based choices bombard us every day from all types of sources. The objects we buy are, in some way, a glimpse of understanding of what we think is important. I do think capitalism is one of the better types of economic engines of growth. Through capitalism, we have a wide range of options. In these options, we try to find or increase…

  • Our motivations are in a way, a reflection of ourselves. They are a representation of our core concepts and our culture. We judge our actions and the actions of those around us based on our core concepts.

    Motivation as a Reflection of Self

    I’m not a runner, yet keeping ourselves motivated appears what a marathon would feel like. The constant repetition of actions slowly moving us forward toward the finish line. Sometimes I need a refresher to keep myself motivated and I’m sure you do too. This brings us back to the quality of our plans and actions. For instance, these also include the aspects of our self-perspective whether they are positive or negative. We have to remind ourselves that being motivated and growing is a continuous process. It occurs over time and not something that happens overnight. The actions speak louder cliche Cliches are cliches because they carry a truth. We can say…

  • searching for simplicity can help remove distractions to your personal vision and goals.

    Finding a Path to Simplicity & Connectedness

    I see a new school year begin and I think all the new students thinking they have everything figured out. It took a long time but I’m finally learning about what success means to me. Before I started Pharmacy School I was doing alright but I thought I needed more. I saw others with nice cars and nice homes and thought that should be my goal. Possessions and the pursuit of objects were the things that were to make me happy and give me a sense of fulfillment. So, I worked hard at my job and at working into getting into Pharmacy School. When I arrived at school I was…

  • We are surrounded by rules that tell us what we can't do, so why not make rules for what we can do.

    Make Rules for Yourself

    We live in a world of collaboration and rules we agree upon to make society work. We vote for people when we agree or disagree with these rules and hope for the best. If we think about it, our lives are nothing but rules anyway. We have rules at work, rules at educational facilities, and rules for society. These are the rules that tell us what we can’t do. Yet, how often do we have rules for ourselves say what we can do? It’s more often than not that we don’t have rules because either we are too busy to figure it out, we don’t know ourselves well enough to…

  • Lifestyle

    Returning to Now – A Perspective on Moments

    I thought July would be an appropriate time to evaluate my progress during this year. With June being mid-year I thought it would be a good moment to slow down.  I wanted to ease up on working towards my goals that month. I didn’t set goals for June but had an unwritten goal (literally because I keep my goals tracked in a bullet journal). My unwritten goal for June was to explore. I used this time to explore new ideas and to see if I was still on the right path. I was becoming too goal-centric and was beginning to lose sight of why I was making goals and evolving my…

  • Looking at failure as a stepping stone to success

    Evaluating Failure

    Learning from failure My big failure anniversary is coming up and I’m thinking about the things I would have done differently. Failure happens to us all, they are often called mistakes, and they happen more often than not. Making mistakes and failing is important. I think if we don’t have these experiences then we aren’t challenging ourselves. I’m not saying that we should actively seek out mistakes or failure or that failure is enjoyable. I think we should use failure as a stepping stone to success by evaluating failure to learn and grow. Try to look at mistakes and figure out what went wrong. This is so I can prevent myself from repeating…

  • Taking time to reflect can help reduce stress and increase focus

    Taking Time to Reflect

    It seems we always have something to do, someplace to be, something due at the last minute. We spend a lot of time working on things and forget to take time for ourselves. Trapped in the noise I work from home. At first, I thought it would be great, no commute, I can sleep a little later and I can work with fewer distractions. For the most part, it’s true. Working from home offers a lot of flexibility and keeps me focused on producing results. Then I started to realize that I wasn’t always taking a lunch break. I would get something to eat and go back to my work area.…

  • The value of money is subjective to our personal vision and goals

    The Value of Money – A Perspective on Freedom 2

    Maybe because it’s “tax season” or maybe I’ve been thinking about the future but the topic of finance and financial freedom has been circling in my mind. I wrote about the cost of money and how we use the money to gain freedom. The freedom to chose what we want and not have them chosen randomly because we don’t know what we want from ourselves. It states by changing our mentality around money. I think about the real value of money in our lives and how when used as a tool, money is freedom to pursue our goals. The concept of money The core concept of money is to have…