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    Catching Up – A Perspective on Falling Behind

    I’ve been falling behind on a lot of things lately: haven’t been writing, reading, researching or publishing according to a schedule I created. This schedule allowed me to jog, not sprint, through these activities. Yet, I still fell behind. Catching up So today I decided to examine everything that’s been neglected. I looked at my draft publications and publication plans, reviewed by reading list to figure out how many pages I need to read to catch up. I evaluated my personal vision statement for revisions and motivations. Then started getting back to reading blog posts for blogs I follow and others I don’t. I do read your posts and they help me…

  • search for fulfillment
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    Hazards in our Search for Fulfillment

    Sometimes we can have a tendency to think about the things we don’t have instead of the things we do have. We can call these daydreams or fantasies or wishful thinking as we search for fulfillment in our lives. These experiences of wish fulfillment aren’t a recent development. They’ve been with us probably since we started wanting things. There’s even a commandment on coveting your neighbor’s property. But that’s another topic. What I want to focus on in this post is our tendency to daydream about the “what if’s“. The feeling of not doing enough or not having the life experiences we see on social media or online. This brings…

  • Contrary to expectations, we have ample opportunities for self-improvement
    Life Lessons

    Contrary to Expectations

    Contrary to expectations, real or imagined, sometimes we let negative thoughts creep into our minds. We think of things we want to do and we hear a little voice in the back of our minds saying “you can’t do this” or “why do you think you can do that?” We can hear these thoughts from others as well. This can be very frustrating and can fill us with unnecessary self-doubt. When we think about the word “no” in regards to our ideas or plans, it has a fundamental negative connection. There is a finality in the word no that creates a barrier between the “here” and “there”. What does it…

  • Skepticism can be a tool to differentiate fact from fiction as we sift though all the information presented to us on a daily basis
    Life Lessons

    Having Skepticism – A Perspective on Certainty

    For the most part, we are creatures of habit. These habits can be created and influenced by our family, friends, employers, colleagues, and in general, society. The path is typically the same: we learn something, we do this for a while, or we give up on it. Then it becomes second nature, like tying our shoes, or it doesn’t. It’s the “use it or lose it” type of learning that enables us to tie our shoes or forget that foreign language we learned in High School. What I want to suggest is the adaptation of our perspectives towards having skepticism to what we’re told and what we learn. The mind…

  • Appreciation is a pillar to our perspectives in attitudes and happiness. Appreciation helps us focus on the present.
    Life Lessons

    Appreciation – A Perspective on Atttudes

    I’ve been in a little writing slump and it got me thinking about appreciation and how appreciation helps in our daily lives. I’ve written about attitude and the difference between deserving and earning. These attitudes can impact our perceptions whether we have a positive or negative attitude, or if we think we deserve something rather than earning. The attitude we choose, color the world around us. It also changes how we interpret the things which go on around us. How we choose to see the world can impact how we view expectations and outcomes. Expectation and appreciation First, let’s talk about expectations. Expectations are a forward-looking and past reviewing point…

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    Dealing with Failure – A Year in Review

    It’s been a year since I started this site as a way of dealing with failure. Things are looking well and I couldn’t imagine a year ago what I would be doing now. It all started with a post about my experiences of failing out of Pharmacy School. I had no idea what I was going to do. There was all this time and effort spent and it felt like for nothing. The things I wanted to do but couldn’t because I was so focused on getting into the school. Everything evaporated before my eyes. It’s one thing to fail out at an undergraduate level, you can take a year…

  • Our negative perceptions lead us to see the actions of others, intentional or unintentional, as negative. We react negatively in response and the results are negative.
    Life Lessons

    Positive Attitudes for Positive Outcomes

    I’ve been thinking about how having a positive attitude helps in life; how we can develop a positive attitude and the hard part, maintain a positive attitude. Mind vs emotion I think this change starts in the mind not the heart. We all have the ability to think yet it’s sometimes easier to act on feelings than to try to think through what’s happening around us. There’s an opportunity to use our minds to develop a positive attitude and discover how having a positive attitude helps in life. The question that goes through my mind is how often do we think about having a positive attitude or try to have…