• Our motivations are in a way, a reflection of ourselves. They are a representation of our core concepts and our culture. We judge our actions and the actions of those around us based on our core concepts.

    Motivation as a Reflection of Self

    I’m not a runner, yet keeping ourselves motivated appears what a marathon would feel like. The constant repetition of actions slowly moving us forward toward the finish line. Sometimes I need a refresher to keep myself motivated and I’m sure you do too. This brings us back to the quality of our plans and actions. For instance, these also include the aspects of our self-perspective whether they are positive or negative. We have to remind ourselves that being motivated and growing is a continuous process. It occurs over time and not something that happens overnight. The actions speak louder cliche Cliches are cliches because they carry a truth. We can say…

  • Life Lessons

    Catching Up – A Perspective on Falling Behind

    I’ve been falling behind on a lot of things lately: haven’t been writing, reading, researching or publishing according to a schedule I created. This schedule allowed me to jog, not sprint, through these activities. Yet, I still fell behind. Catching up So today I decided to examine everything that’s been neglected. I looked at my draft publications and publication plans, reviewed by reading list to figure out how many pages I need to read to catch up. I evaluated my personal vision statement for revisions and motivations. Then started getting back to reading blog posts for blogs I follow and others I don’t. I do read your posts and they help me…

  • It takes a strength of will, personal character, and integrity to follow a perceived truth to where it takes us, even if it causes emotional and intellectual discomfort.

    Choosing Sides – A Perspective on Differences

    It’s that time of year. The year of the election cycle and nonstop partisan pleas for our vote. Politics in the U.S. has been a “team” sport since the founding yet we have an amplified view through different media and content sources. Sometimes it’s easy to pick a side and ignore the bad aspects of it while only focusing on the negatives of our perceived opponents. We have to run a gauntlet of conflicting information to find the truth. Most times we can’t find the truth until we take the time to examine the situation and ourselves. With any topic we can imagine, it seems to be there are always…

  • Our responsibility to ourselves, as critical thinkers, is to form the best possible opinion using the most accurate available to us at the time.

    A Matter of Opinion – A Perspective on Critical Thinking

    It feels like it’s been a while since I had an opportunity to write. If you’ve been paying attention, there’s a lot going on in the world, especially in the United States. The topic I want to touch on in this post is opinions. There’s something to be said about our divisions. Perhaps we’ve always been divided since our inception yet we could, at times, find commonality. Yet now, as in the past, we see our divisions. Maybe we see them more often and have access to see how deep these divisions can be. People have used their opinions as a basis for their employment. We also have a rise in…

  • search for fulfillment
    Life Lessons,  Literature

    Hazards in our Search for Fulfillment

    Sometimes we can have a tendency to think about the things we don’t have instead of the things we do have. We can call these daydreams or fantasies or wishful thinking as we search for fulfillment in our lives. These experiences of wish fulfillment aren’t a recent development. They’ve been with us probably since we started wanting things. There’s even a commandment on coveting your neighbor’s property. But that’s another topic. What I want to focus on in this post is our tendency to daydream about the “what if’s“. The feeling of not doing enough or not having the life experiences we see on social media or online. This brings…