• Taking action in important. Explore what's best for you and what you want from your life.
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    Creating Movement – A Perspective on Taking Action

    Have you thought about why taking action is important? I think about it a lot, I’m often thinking about how to take action or evaluating why I’m taking actions towards goals. “Hope is the confusion of the desire for a thing with its probability. ” — Arthur Schopenhauer This quote reminds us that our hope shouldn’t be confused with something we want to happen but should be based on how we make it happen. Why taking action is important If you read this blog then you see a trend around getting the most of life and figuring out what we want and how to get there. Often, we think to ourselves…

  • Looking at how happiness affects your life, can happiness be learned, and where happiness comes from
    Life Lessons

    Life and Joy – A Perspective on Happiness

    How happiness affects your life I’ve been thinking about how happiness affects your life. There are things in our lives that we carry for a long time. These can be memories of happy or sad events, thoughts of foods we like or dislike, and thoughts of opportunities taken and missed. I remember a quote and this is a paraphrase, happiness is hard to recognize because unlike pain, happiness doesn’t leave scars. This should make us think about how happiness affects your life. I think we can have temporary happiness and lasting happiness based on where happiness comes from. The duration of happiness When I think of temporary happiness, I think…

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    Returning to Now – A Perspective on Moments

    I thought July would be an appropriate time to evaluate my progress during this year. With June being mid-year I thought it would be a good moment to slow down.  I wanted to ease up on working towards my goals that month. I didn’t set goals for June but had an unwritten goal (literally because I keep my goals tracked in a bullet journal). My unwritten goal for June was to explore. I used this time to explore new ideas and to see if I was still on the right path. I was becoming too goal-centric and was beginning to lose sight of why I was making goals and evolving my…

  • What's holding me back? Giving up means never having the opportunity to discover more about ourselves
    Life Lessons

    Holding Yourself Back – A Perspective on Hesitation

    I did an evaluation of my monthly goals and progress from January 2018 to June 2018. Looked at the number of books I wanted to read and compared it to the number of books I did read. Evaluated the number of posts and words generated compared to what I wanted to achieve. I was disappointed by some of the results yet I didn’t let it get me down. It motivated me to see what’s holding me back and to improve and re-think what I was doing so I can become better. What’s holding me back? When I failed out of Pharmacy School I thought my goals were out of my…

  • Generalizations can be helpful for evaluating objects and nature but can be dangerous when applied to people.

    Avoiding Generalizations – A Perspective on Perceptions

    We seem to be in a time where it’s easier to see how people are quick to make generalizations or stereotype people. Maybe the influence of social media or combinations of other social constructs makes it easier to make generalizations about people without knowing anything about them. We often find ourselves making a generalization about people or things we don’t understand because of limited experience with what we’re presented. Foundations of generalizations The generalizations I’m talking about are the very broad and superficial observations or comments regarding whole groups of people or actions. Generalizations are usually based on a common characteristic (e.g. tall people would play professional basketball), it may seem at…