• Creativity is a combination of different factors: learning, dedication, exploration, and rest.
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    Creative Thinking – A Perspective on Innovation

    Sometimes I look at creative people and wonder how they do it. What inspires them to create or innovate? Then I take a step back and think about what creativity means. I think creativity is the ability to take different ideas and make something new. This sounds easy enough. Yes, this is assuming that we are willing to put in the hours of hard work and honest self-assessments of failures and goals. Starting creativity Have a general plan, start small and build on little victories. Small and planned actions are one of your best ways of starting creative thinking. One of the most popular writing tips is to set a…

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    Obstacles – A Perspective on Overcoming

    I often think about what it means to feel success. Then I wonder, what it can mean to us when we apply our ideas of success to our personal vision and goals. Success and difficulty I recently wrote about success and it’s possible meanings, yet it keeps coming back to my mind. I come back to the same idea that success isn’t only up for us to define but success can be about the obstacles we overcome. Can this be what success is partly about? It’s about growing into what we can be, who we want to be, and to overcome obstacles that present themselves along our paths of self-improvement…

  • We can often find our way by evaluating our mistakes and similar mistakes of others.
    Life Lessons

    Learning Through Experience

    Failing out of Pharmacy School was an instructive personal learning experience. Everything I thought about the future was changed in one letter. One of the ways I try to improve upon myself is to think about what can we learn from experiences? Unraveling the past Events happen, whether they are under our control or not; yet we can learn from our own experiences, and by studying the past, and from the experiences of others as well. We start by evaluating what happened in the past. Tracing back each outcome to a decision or action to find the root cause of the event. From this, we can get a notion of…

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    Reading Vacation: Help Wanted

    Heading into summer we think of beaches, lakes, relaxing in the long days. We take vacations for different reasons: to get things done around the home, to get out of our daily monotony, so why not try a reading vacation? I’ve never tried a reading vacation but always want to try it. So, instead of waiting for “someday”, I’m going to try it this summer and need your help. The concept A reading vacation can be described basically by its name: a set amount of time (a few days or more), either at home or away, to relax, clear the mind of every day stresses and read a book or collection of…