• Life Lessons

    A Goal of No Goals – A Perspective on the Present

    I’ve been tracking my monthly and daily goals over the last 10 months and I can see my goals being reached over time. Making goals and working towards them can be both rewarding and stressful. I would put pressure on myself to meet the goals but wasn’t hard on myself if I didn’t reach them. I would look back and see that I didn’t reach some of my goals because I was making too many commitments. It was a little disappointing but I had to slow my pace so I could make meaningful goals and work on them. Now we are heading into June I thought I would take a…

  • Listening is as important as the words we use to explain our positions.
    Life Lessons

    Saying Less – A Perspective on Silence

    For as long as I can remember I would observe people and how we interact with one another. Something I often see in conversation is the talking over each other. When we are not talking over each other we have the constant head nod to show the speaker they have our attention. With these common actions and known acknowledgment of listening, does this really apply our attention to the speaker? I don’t think it does. Finding clarity in silence We know you can’t have a meaningful conversation when we have all the participants talking at the same time (as we often see during work meetings). We often have to struggle to…

  • Looking at failure as a stepping stone to success

    Evaluating Failure

    Learning from failure My big failure anniversary is coming up and I’m thinking about the things I would have done differently. Failure happens to us all, they are often called mistakes, and they happen more often than not. Making mistakes and failing is important. I think if we don’t have these experiences then we aren’t challenging ourselves. I’m not saying that we should actively seek out mistakes or failure or that failure is enjoyable. I think we should use failure as a stepping stone to success by evaluating failure to learn and grow. Try to look at mistakes and figure out what went wrong. This is so I can prevent myself from repeating…

  • Life Lessons

    Creating Creativity

    I wrote about why reading is important to personal growth and the styles of reading we can use to gain information. Now I want to talk about what we do with this information. We are in a position to be caught up in new ideas and concepts. It’s easy to agree with the last thing we’ve read when begin to read more, yet we have a responsibility to ourselves to question what we read and how we creatively apply this information to our goals. Thinking about creativity Creativity doesn’t happen one morning we decide to be creative. Sometimes I sit looking at a blank screen and have no idea what topics I…

  • Life Lessons

    Myths of Success – A Perspective on Achievement

    I’ve written about the success as a matter of perspective. I wrote that we need to know where we want to go and define our successes and failures based on how we want our lives to be, not by outside expectations. There are myths of success and expectations around success that I want to address: Success results from hard work The reason for starting the blog is to share my “redemption arc” from my failing out of Pharmacy School. Getting into school was hard and when there the work was even harder and a lot of it. I wrote about the illusion of control and one thing we can control…

  • Taking time to reflect can help reduce stress and increase focus

    Taking Time to Reflect

    It seems we always have something to do, someplace to be, something due at the last minute. We spend a lot of time working on things and forget to take time for ourselves. Trapped in the noise I work from home. At first, I thought it would be great, no commute, I can sleep a little later and I can work with fewer distractions. For the most part, it’s true. Working from home offers a lot of flexibility and keeps me focused on producing results. Then I started to realize that I wasn’t always taking a lunch break. I would get something to eat and go back to my work area.…

  • We work under the illusion of control.
    Life Lessons

    Managing Situations – A Perspective on Control

    It’s a great feeling when we finally figure out what we want. The excitement of that realization and the anticipation of the outcome. Then we make these nice and organized plans to get us there. Change will happen Things change as they always do. Plans unravel and are thrown into chaos. We are left to pick up the pieces and adapt on the go. We like to think we can control all the things that happen. No matter how much we plan, most of the things that happen are out of our control. We may not know that the basement will flood in the next storm or the refrigerator will…

  • Reading styles for reading goals

    Reading with Purpose – A Perspective on Understanding

    I like to read and I do a lot of reading for work but one experience I’ve learned from reading is that there’s a big difference in reading to know and reading to understand. For the most part, I think we can get by with reading to know. I started to see the difference and importance between knowing and understanding when trying to absorb large amounts of information day after day As a result, I had to change the type of reading style I use depending on what I read and my reading goals. I can be a more active reader to fully understand the information presented when necessary. Knowing…