• Life Lessons

    Smart Habits – A Perspective on Knowledge

    One thing I’ve valued in my adult life is learning new things. I think learning new things, increasing my intelligence is one way I can lead a better, happier life. Plus, knowing different things may help grow your career (being able to apply different concepts to current problems). I think, being able to learn new things and apply them to our lives pays off in our personal and professional lives. Habits to help us become smarter Change starts in the mind Read, read, and comprehend. I like to read but I got into the habit of reading and letting my mind wander. There was no real point in reading when…

  • Life Lessons

    Past vs Future – A Perspective on Actions

    I have a habit of looking at past mistakes, dwelling on them, and sometimes defining myself by my past. I look back and see the wrong actions I’ve taken, the wrong choices and I can feel the fear grasp for me from the past. Do we need to be trapped and defined by the past? It’s easy to think that we don’t. It’s easy to think of things but not do anything about it, yet it’s action that changes us. Taking actions to break away from the past is hard. The fear of failure or making significant wrong choices¬†feels as if it’s just over my shoulder. We have the power…

  • Life Lessons

    Keeping Confidences – A Perspective on Sincerity

    For as long as I can remember, people have come to me to complain, get advice on situations, or vent their frustrations. Those conversations never leave my confidences. I’ve never appreciated gossip as I’ve seen it as a lack of character. This has me thinking about what it means to have sincerity. What does it mean in a technical term and what does to mean to me as a personality trait? Webster’s dictionary tells me sincerity is “honesty of mind:¬†freedom from hypocrisy”. It tells me that I have to be honest with myself before I can be honest with others. One way I can find this out is by doing…

  • Money has a cost to our personal freedom

    The Cost of Money – A Perspective on Freedom

    Making money is important so we can satisfy our necessities but how often do we go beyond our necessities or confuse wants with needs? I think too often. We lose focus on what’s essential. We have no clear understanding of who we are, therefore, we can’t know what we want or need. So, we spend and keep spending money trying to keep up with what others have, buying the newest $1000 phone, expensive cars, and a lot of take-out food. We get into a cycle of debt, working to pay off things we don’t need or thought we wanted. We lose the true cost of money and apply a value…

  • creating a home library can be a great outcome from setting reading goals

    Making Time for Reading – A Perspective on Learning

    I haven’t always enjoyed reading. I do a lot of reading at my job so I would find it tiring, after reading all day, to go home and read more. So I ended up not reading as much as I think I should have and felt like I was missing out on something. I figured out ways to help me get into reading, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to read the classics and contemporary works. Here are some ways I used to help me read more. Make a reading plan Reading goals Set simple goals; if you’re like me and can read 1 or 2 books a month…

  • Chasing perfection can keep us from reaching our full potential by distracting us from seeing our real growth
    Life Lessons

    Embracing Flaws – A Perspective on Perfectionism

    I used to think of myself as a perfectionist. I would work a task over and over again always finding flaws up until the point of “completion”. In my mind nothing was ever complete, I only finished because I ran out of time. Given unlimited time I probably would have never finished anything. This could have been one of my issues in Pharmacy School. I had to learn to stop chasing perfection. Influences in chasing perfection Outside influences Chasing perfection bothered me, I would have a nagging feeling after a task was completed that I could have done it differently. I used it as a learning tool for future tasks…

  • Reading can open us up to a whole world of possibiliteis

    Reading the Classics – A Perspective on Reading

    One part of my personal vision is to catch up on reading. I want to get back to the classics and contemporary works I read when I was younger or missed out on. So I have a short list of around 150 books. I’m not sure if that’s a lot because I’ll also read other books as I find the time. Yet my goal around this vision point is to read 2 books a month (quick math: just over 6 years to complete). A lot of the books can be found at our local public libraries so the cost is low but the benefits are high, here are some reasons…