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    State of Inaction – A Perspective on Idleness

    For a long time, I did a lot of nothing. Time would pass and I would have nothing to show for it. I got tired of the nothingness so I dove into doing everything. Doing this, I found myself busy but again, nothing to show for all this valuable time spent. I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t) but I took inventory of my life and where I wanted it to go. Now, most times I think I have a busy schedule, organized by the goals I want to accomplish based on an ever-evolving personal vision. I try to give myself quiet time but this is different…

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    Spring Cleaning for Your Life

    While I was looking outside, watching the Spring snow fall in the first days of spring brought to my mind spring cleaning. Not spring cleaning for material possessions but getting my life in order. Sort of like what we would think we do for New Years resolutions but something we will actually do. Letting go of things that keep us down, keep us from moving forward. Being thankful for what we have and what we’ve completed. Looking at the excesses and their places in our lives. The meaning behind what we have and what we carry with us and why. Looking outside, watching the snow fall in the first days…

  • Sleep is important to getting things done

    Lacking Energy & Motivation – A Perspective on Sleep

    Lack of sleep in modern times With my goal of spending less time on my smartphone, I’m working on increasing my personal productivity.  For me, personal productivity is how I complete and evaluate my goals to achieve my vision.  Our lack of sleep has become a national issue, the CDC has called it a public health epidemic. This lack of sleep can cause a decrease in mental and physical abilities and who wants that? The science of why we sleep The reason why we need sleep comes down to regulating chemical balance. Our bodies work on a repeating 24-hour clock called a circadian rhythm.  As we go through the day there…

  • There are benefits to drinking caffeinated drinks: alertness and increased concentration; but there are consequences to drinking caffeinated drinks: dependence leading to physical symptoms of withdrawals within 12-24 hrs.
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    A Caffeinated Life – A Perspective on Chemical Aids

    I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately and my analytical side started to wonder what is too much caffeine? So I looked into how I could time my coffee consumption to my productive or less than productive times. A brief history of caffeine Caffeine, for around 2000 years, is being used to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, increase response time, alter mood states, and explored for military use. Since caffeine is so widely used, it’s also been widely studied. Caffeine has been studied so much that its withdrawal effects, is now included as a new mental disorder according to the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of…

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    How to Have Focus – Perspective on Attention

    I get easily distracted sometimes. My mind wanders into a daydream. In that dream, all my tasked are done early and the only thing I have to do for the rest of the day is watch Spring unfold around me. Then I snap back to the real world and it’s back to work. I don’t mind taking these mental breaks; sometimes I find myself refreshed and ready back into my work. These little daydreams have me wondering about focus and attention. What do focus and attention mean to me? Why should I have them or even better, how do I get them? Thinking about attention When I think of attention,…

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    Learning from Mistakes – Perspective on Failure

    We all make mistakes, they are part of life. One of the ways we can learn from them is to admit that we aren’t perfect are we are capable of making mistakes. We take away our ability to grow from mistakes when we start distancing ourselves from them; we start blaming others, blaming outside events. The faster we admit to our mistakes the faster we can recover from them and grow and move on. I think we have a cultural aversion to failure; we work towards success but we expect success on the first try. Maybe this is because we live in an era of instant gratification with all the…