• Success is a matter of perspective based on what's important to your personal vision
    Life Lessons

    Success as a Matter of Perspective

    “I want to be successful.” It’s a common goal people can agree on. We see it on greeting cards and celebratory posters.  Yet, I have no idea what it means. Looking at all the things I own, where I live, what I do with my free time, I don’t know if this has any real meaning to my life. Do I need more? Do I need less? I prefer less but I really don’t know. What I do know is that I want to figure it out. I have all these questions: What does success mean to me? How do I know when I achieved success? Why do some achievements…

  • Jealously can interfere with your personal vision and obstruct your goals

    Jealousy is the Enemy of Your Personal Vision

    Jealousy, it’s one of my least favorite emotions, an invasive variation of anger and anxiety. We’ve all felt it at one time or another. Jealous of someone’s personal possessions, of someone’s position of authority, or of someone’s knowledge. We live in a consumer-driven and highly competitive society, it could almost feel natural to feel jealous. There is hope. I think jealousy can be controlled and converted to motivation. As with anything worth doing, it’ll take a little time and discipline but it’s possible. Jealousy versus your personal vision “Learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious…

  • Self-imposed stress can be a distraction to our personal vision

    How to Deal with Self-Imposed Pressure

    As I was writing about clearing my mind of mental clutter it starting thinking about self-imposed pressure. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve goals that might not have any real meaning for us. We play over in my minds things we should have done, the places we should visit, how we should look. This is a lot of stress we put on ourselves, why do we do it? Is it to appear or feel normal? For me, it’s time to stop putting pressure on myself. It’s time to rely on a vision for myself and how I want my life to be. Sources of self-imposed pressure…

  • Clearing the mind of clutter and noise can improve your health and productivity

    How to Clear Your Mind and Be Productive

    Do you have trouble finding ways to clear your mind? Lately, I’ve been finding myself distracted, overwhelmed. As a result, I see I’m not being as productive as I could be; notably in the frequency of my writing and reading. I found myself writing this post as I’m trying to clear my mind of all the competing noise. Noisy life, noisy mind As we all know life can get really busy. Sometimes, I feel as if my mind is working overtime. This causes me to spend a lot of mental energy trying to get things done. Rushing around to be in places on time, just running from one important obligation…

  • making the right goals depends on your personal vision
    Life Lessons

    How to Make the Right Goals

    I’ve been spending a lot of time in the past few weeks thinking about goals.  Thinking about how goals help me work on my personal vision. Sometimes I think about this so often that it feels like setting goals seems more like a hobby. I am a supporter of setting goals yet I think goals are misused. The focus on goals, I think, can get in the way of seeing the bigger picture. I want to expand on the post I wrote around creating a personal vision. In that post, I focused on why a personal vision is important so now I want to focus on how the right goals…