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    Avoiding the “Someday” Trap

    Procrastination leading to regret Facing a new year reminds me of all the things I want to do someday and all the things I wanted to do but haven’t done. The procrastination sets in; someday never seems to be today. Someday may never come For me, the concept of someday becoming a daydreaming and dangerous word.  We live our lives thinking there’s always more time. Someday assumes a distant future with possibilities, this can be a distraction from what’s happening here and now.  Someday makes me lose focus on my goals as I work towards my personal vision. Don’t think, just do So in this new year, I want to…

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    How to Redefine Better – Thoughts on Perspective

    Better is perspective I think an important aspect of knowing what “better” means comes down to a matter of perspective.  When I was younger (compared to when I was older? – never mind), I thought it was the more expensive or bigger or faster object, regardless of what I really needed. I purchased a Mustang and thought it was better because it was new, it was fast, it was better than my previous car until winter came.  Then I learned that better was situational and a Mustang would be worthless (and dangerous) in the snow. As I grow older, my perspective on this changes.  Today, I think “better” is what’s…

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    How to Overcome Frustration in the Face of Failure

    When figuring out what to do after failing Pharmacy School, I became frustrated with myself.  Disorganization and inaction came out of this frustration came.  So I developed a plan to address frustration so I can keep myself dedicated to enacting my personal vision. Facing frustration Frustration happens to us all. I describe it as annoying, demoralizing, and mentally exhausting.  A great combination of going nowhere. Frustration, when not properly managed, can be the enemy of your time and ultimately, your personal vision.  Frustration can end up taking valuable time when it becomes a distraction and time is a commodity, once lost, can never be regained. Sometimes I find myself going in…

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    How to Get Motivated in the Face of Failure

    Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.― Ralph Waldo Emerson A lag in motivation It’s hard to keep motivated in the face of failure.  On some days I wake up ready to go and other days I don’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes I have self-doubt and that creates a lag in my motivation. Easy motivation strategies In my many, many, many decades of life, I’ve used different strategies to get myself back into action.  Now, these strategies aren’t difficult but they require persistence and dedication.  Here’s a list of strategies that might be helpful. The only…