• History

    Spotlight on Theodore Roosevelt

    Early life Theodore Roosevelt shares Mount Rushmore with fellow Republican Abraham Lincoln, they shaped the nation but with vastly different styles. Theodore was born (27 October 1858) in New York City into an influential family (on his father’s side). Theodore’s influences came from both northern and southern roots. His father, Theodore, Sr., was successful in the family business which allowed time the time and luxury to be a philanthropist. His mother Martha was raised on a plantation in Georgia; dividing his family during the Civil War. Theodore, Sr. supporting the Northern cause and his mother’s side supporting the Southern.     Theodore as a child had multiple health conditions: specifically asthma,…

  • Einsteins cluttered desk

    Innovation from Everyday Chaos

    Innovation can be found in unlikely places.  Tim Hartford described in his book Messy, a great example of organized chaos. Finding opportunity in the chaos Hartford begins with a story about a jazz musician was scheduled to play a midnight show set up by a teenager. There was a lot of excitement around the event. Doing a sound check, the musician found the piano was out of tune, the peddles didn’t work, and some keys didn’t work. The concert still went on and the musician played around the broken keys for a successful concert. Although there was an element of chaos with the malfunctioning piano, the musician was prepared by…

  • Lifestyle

    Catching the Sun: Early Risers Capture Success

    Want to increase productivity? I’m not a morning person but I constantly felt I was losing valuable time during my day if I slept later in the morning. I would sleep in as long as possible, jump up and get ready for work. There was a feeling like I could be more productive so I looked for ways to increase productivity. There was no time for myself and there was so much lost time and nothing to show for it. I was tired of waking up and going right to work without any time for myself during the weekdays.  I wanted my mornings back. So, I made a goal of…