• Skills

    Preparation for the Expected and Unexpected

    There is an expectation that men should know how to do almost anything, including being calm and prepared during an emergency situation.  This post is designed to help set a foundation for your emergency preparation planning. Natural or man-made disasters occur whether we are ready or not.  Here are some tips to make sure you’re not caught unprepared for a disaster. The first thing you should do is know your risks.  Are you in a flood area?  Are there tornados?  Are there hurricanes?  Wildfires? Earthquakes? Severe snowstorms? You need to know your risk profiles so you can make the correct choices when developing your disaster plan. “By failing to prepare,…

  • Earn your way
    Life Lessons

    Changing Mentality: Deserve to Earn

    There are different ways we look at the world and our actions in it.  We use words like: should and deserve as a way to describe how we want things to be.  When real life doesn’t meet our expectations. A tool we can use to help achieve our personal and professional goals is changing our mentality.  We change it from thinking we deserve something for having to earn something. I always hear people say, “I did this action so I deserve the reward, or “I deserve this reward because of all the time I spent doing this action.” The good news is, you don’t deserve anything.  No one is obligated…

  • King, Warrior, Wise Man, Lover

    Archetypes of Masculinity

    In dealing with failing out of Pharmacy School, I’ve been trying to figure out who I am and what values I should have. In particular, it’s hard to figure out what kind of man I should be or want to be. When looking into this I found some interesting archetypes. The idea of masculinity can have different meanings depending on your culture. Throughout western culture, there has always been a trend to characterize masculinity as distinct masculine archetypes. There are societal pressures on men, personally and professionally. These pressures can be conflicting based on our limited characterizations and expectations of what men are supposed to be. This, in a way,…

  • Hydration for Performance
    Health,  Lifestyle

    Hydrate for Peak Physical and Mental Performance

    The importance of hydration An easy way to maintain your health is by maintaining proper hydration.  Drinking enough water keeps your mind and body functioning at optimal performance. Drinking water is important regardless of the temperature.  Water helps regulate our bodies by helping digestion, regulating electrolytes (salt/potassium), providing cushioning for joints, and other important cellular activities. The first thing to consider when figuring out how much water to drink is your activity level.  Are you active or sedentary?  Are you at high elevations (more than a mile high)?  If you’re active or at high altitudes then you’ll need more water.  But there is no one size fits all approach to…

  • Failed Pharmacy School

    Recovering from Failing Pharmacy School

    Some failures are bigger than others. We deal with minor failures all the time, we shrug it off and don’t dwell on it. Other failures can stop you where you stand. They can put your life in perspective and make you question what you’re really about. This is what happened to me. I had a moment where I thought “I’m failing Pharmacy School so now what do I do?” This got me thinking, what happens if you find yourself facing a significant failure? I had no idea what to do but looking back on my experience, the best thing to do is realize failure doesn’t define you. It’s good to…